How does red tail crown fish divide male and female, how to propagate?

Walter White
2020-06-08 21:43:23
Redtail crown fish can be distinguished from male and female by observing their appearance. Males are usually slightly larger and more brightly colored than females, and the tips of their dorsal and anal fins are longer. If they want to reproduce, they need to pair up on their own first. And then preparing a breeding tank which is protected from light, putting the paired parent fish into the breeding tank, controlling the water temperature between 27 and 29 deg C, and waiting for mating and spawning. The small fish can be fed after hatching for 4 to 5 days.
How does red tail crown fish divide male and female, how to propagate?

a, red tail crown fish how to divide male and female

red tail crown fish want to separate male and female is relatively simple. The male is larger than the female and more brightly colored. In addition, the male's dorsal and anal fins are longer at the end, and the female's anal process is more blunt.

2. How to breed the red-tailed crownfish

1. Prepare the fish tank: Before breeding the red-tailed crownfish, you need to prepare the breeding tank. The specification of the fish tank is 50 * 50 * 40. The inside should be equipped with aeration and filtration equipment. At the same time, you should stick newspapers around to shade the light, so that the light in the tank will be darker. The water temperature in the cylinder is controlled between 27-29 ℃, and the pH is about 7.

2. Self-pairing: The red-tailed crownfish usually needs to pair and reproduce by itself. If pairing is carried out artificially, it is often difficult to succeed, and the female fish will be bitten by the male fish. Usually observe a close pair of parent fish in the fish species, fish them out of the tank and put them into a specially prepared tank.

3. Mating and spawning: After entering the breeding tank, the red-tailed crown fish will mate and spawn. After the female fish spawns, the male fish will fertilize it. Because the parent fish has the habit of protecting eggs, they do not need to be fished out, they can also stir the water with fins in the tank, provide oxygen for the eggs, and help the eggs hatch.

4. Larval fish maintenance: Usually the fertilized egg will hatch into a small fish after 72 hours. In the first few days, it can absorb the nutrition in the yolk sac, so it does not need to eat anything. After 4 or 5 days, it will begin to ingest food. Usually, it is fed with Artemia, and gradually transits to other foods.

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