How does the red tail crown fish raise the head, the female fish can start?

Jane Margolis
2020-06-08 21:42:32
Only the male fish can start, and the female fish can not start. If you want to start, you must provide them with a comfortable growing environment. The fish tank should be big enough, covered with fine sand, shells, and some aquatic plants. Animal feed, such as red worms or small fish and shrimps, should be fed regularly. In addition, the temperature and light conditions should be well controlled. The water temperature should be kept at about 25 degrees Celsius, and they should be exposed to light regularly and quantitatively. So they can start.
How does the red tail crown fish raise the head, the female fish can start?

1. choose the right sex

Not all red tail crown fish can start, but the start must be male fish. So if you want to start a fish, you have to choose the right sex, and if you keep a female fish, no matter how long you keep it, it won't start.

2. comfortable space

Comfortable space is a prerequisite for the red tail crown fish to start. If the fish tank is too small and the breeding density is high, the fish will often bear certain psychological pressure, thus affecting its starting. In addition to large fish tanks, but also a good landscape, you can put into the tank fine sand, shells and water plants, which can make the fish feel happy, so as to better growth.

3. food feeding

The red-tailed crown fish is a carnivorous fish, and the bait is mainly red worms and small fish and shrimps, and a little synthetic food can also be supplemented. Usually feeding to eat less and more meals, but also to ensure that the food nutrition balance, so that the fish can grow well, help it start. In addition, before feeding live bait, disinfection is needed to avoid affecting the health of fish.

4. temperature control lighting

Red tail crown fish is a tropical fish, suitable for living in 25 ℃ waters, so we must control the temperature, avoid high and low water temperature, which is easy to stimulate the fish body. In addition, but also regular quantitative fill light to it, or in the back of the fish tank with colorful patterns, which will help the fish start.

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Copyright © 2019-2020 All right reserved.