How does the flame turtle prepare for hibernation and when does hibernation end?

Gustavo 'Gus' Fring
2020-06-18 22:11:02
The hibernation period of the flame turtle is a special period. Before entering their state of hibernation, it is best to do a good job of preparation. First of all, we should prepare suitable bedding materials. When they hibernate, they should neither be too wet nor too dry, and they can put some straw and cotton pads in containers to keep them moist. Then feeding, not too much before hibernation. The water temperature can be maintained at about 8 degrees. Finally, they should be checked for parasites.
How does the flame turtle prepare for hibernation and when does hibernation end?

1. how to prepare the flame tortoise for hibernation

The flame tortoise is a kind of tortoise that is relatively easy to raise. However, the period of hibernation is a relatively special stage. Before hibernation, we need to pay attention to some problems. In addition, some preparations are also needed. Specifically, there are the following points need to pay attention to:

1, prepare the mat material: flame turtle in the hibernation, the requirements around neither too much water, nor too dry. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a humid environment. Some cushions, such as straw and cotton cushions, can be placed in the container, which can play a role in heat preservation and moisture preservation.

2. Feeding: Before the flame tortoise hibernates, you can not feed too much food, you can slowly reduce the amount of feeding, so that they will empty the body of feces.

3. Water temperature: When they are about to enter the hibernation state, they need to adjust the water temperature properly. If the water temperature is too high, it may prevent them from entering hibernation, but too low is not enough. Specifically, it can be maintained at about 8 degrees, and then it can be maintained at about 8 degrees during the whole period of hibernation.

4. Check for parasites: Before the flame turtles enter the hibernation state, check whether they are healthy, such as whether they have parasites, etc. If there is a problem, deal with it in time.

2. when does the flame turtle end its hibernation

The flame turtle will end its hibernation when the temperature slowly rises. Under normal circumstances, they will end their hibernation in March or April. However, the specific time is not very certain, affected by the surrounding environment. Only when the temperature rises to a certain range can they end their hibernation and wake up.

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