Is the luminous pearl fish easy to raise? How to raise it?

Skyler White
2020-10-15 03:40:48
Water quality: Luminous pearl fish is suitable for raising in alkaline waters, PH value between 6.5-7.7 is better. It is better not to plant aquatic plants in the aquarium. Feeding: Luminous pearl fish likes to eat fresh active bait, daily feeding can be fed with economical and affordable small fish, shrimp, mealworms and other animal bait, can also be properly fed with some pellets. Temperature: daily feeding, the aquarium water temperature will be maintained at between 23-28 degrees on it.
Is the luminous pearl fish easy to raise? How to raise it?

1. the luminous pearl fish is good to raise

The luminous pearl fish is native to Madagascar, Africa, and is known as the luminous pearl fish because of the white pearl spots on its black body.They are irritable, lively and aggressive, often fighting with each other for food and chassis, usually fighting until only one "winner" is left.When keeping this kind of fish, it is recommended to keep a large number of fish, and preferably close to the type of luminous pearl fish, in order to distract their attention.

This kind of fish has special spawning habits. Before spawning, they need to find a suitable place to make a nest, dig a pit with their mouths, and lay their eggs in it.Therefore, some bottom sand can be properly laid at the bottom of the aquarium to provide environmental conditions for their reproduction.It is relatively easy to raise night pearl fish if we grasp the water quality, water temperature and feeding conditions.

2. How to raise Luminous Pearl Fish

1. Water quality: Weakly alkaline water quality is more suitable for their growth. It is recommended to stabilize the PH value of water within the range of 6.5-7.7 when raising.Planting aquatic plants in aquariums is not recommended.

2. Feeding: Daily feeding is mainly based on active baits such as fresh small fish and shrimps. Appropriate feeding of some pellets to supplement nutrition will make them grow more vigorously.

3. Temperature: about 25 ℃ is the most suitable temperature for the life of Luminous Pearl Fish, and the temperature can be stabilized within the range of 23-28 ℃ during daily feeding.

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