Is it easy to raise the red Desas fish produced in Thailand? How to raise it?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-10-15 03:38:06
Water quality: Red Texas Lohan is suitable for growing in slightly acidic water, and the PH value of the water needs to be maintained between 5.0 and 6.5. Water temperature: The temperature of the aquarium should be kept between 30-32 ℃ for a long time, and then reduced to 28-30 ℃ after one and a half years. Feeding: It is recommended to feed it with special Thai Desa feed during daily feeding, and it is better not to feed it alive. If fed live bait for a long time, they may be infected with enteritis.
Is it easy to raise the red Desas fish produced in Thailand? How to raise it?

1. is it easy to raise the red Desas luhan produced in Thailand?

The red Desas luhan is a relatively precious hybrid fish species produced in Thailand, and it is somewhat difficult to raise it.They usually grow to about 30 centimeters, with an average age of 8-10 years.Red Desas are more timid in childhood, like to eat at night and when no one is there, so they eat less food and grow more slowly.Adding a small amount of vitamin D to the feed at the time of feeding can avoid vitamin deficiency caused by low food intake.

In order to maintain their growth activity, the water level should be at least 40 cm high, and the tank should be red brown or black background.When feeding, we must pay attention to the maintenance of water quality and change water every other week to prevent the occurrence of worms, fungi and other diseases.The body color of Red Desas is closely related to the feed, light and water quality, which requires people to pay special attention to their living environment.Generally speaking, it is difficult to raise a beautiful red Desas.

2. how to raise the red de Sass Luo Han fish produced in Thailand

1. Water quality: Red de Sass is very sensitive to the PH value of water.In order to make them more adaptable to the process of water exchange, they can raise a bucket of living water by themselves, set fire to acidic filter materials such as rocks, fill in a small amount of oxygen, and replace them after a few days in the indoor sunshine.

2. Water temperature: stable and suitable temperature is needed for raising Red Desas.Keeping the temperature at about 30 degrees Celsius helps to maintain a beautiful body color.

3. Feeding: It is best to feed only artificial feed, and it is not recommended to feed living things.You can feed a little shrimp properly.Although Red Desas has a good constitution, it is very easy to be infected with enteritis.

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