Why can betta fade, fade how to do?

Jesse Pinkman
Veterinary medical practitioner
The color loss of betta may be due to the species. For example, marble-colored betta fish will constantly change their color, and the color may naturally fade. At this time, it can grow naturally without special treatment. Or it could be because you're too old. Too old a betta's ability to produce pigment decreases and its body color fades. At this time, no special treatment is needed. It may also be due to a sudden change of environment. At this time, it should be moved to 25-28 C water slowly, and wait for it to recover.
Why can betta fade, fade how to do?

1. Reason of species

1. Reason: The discoloration of betta may be caused by species. A marble-colored betta, for example, constantly changes its color. Its color may become lighter with age, and it looks like it has faded.

2. Treatment method: This is due to the variety and cannot be changed. If you don't want this problem, you should choose a good variety when you buy betta fish, and don't choose a variety that changes color frequently.

2. too old

1. Reason: If the breeding betta is too old, then the color of its body will gradually fade. This is because with the increase of age, the metabolic rate of the body slows down, and the ability to produce pigment decreases.

2. Treatment: There is no way to deal with this situation, because it is natural aging. It can only properly improve the breeding environment and slow down its discoloration.

3. environmental mutation

1. Reason: If the environment in which the betta is cultured suddenly changes, for example, if it is put into cold water from warm water, then it may have the problem of fading because it cannot adapt to the new growing environment.

2. Treatment method: In this case, put the betta in an environment with water temperature of 25-28 ℃ in time for maintenance, and change the water every 2-3 days. During this period, we should pay attention to disturbing it less and let it adapt to the new environment slowly. When it adapts to the new environment, the color may be restored.

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