How does white canker do on fish body, how to treat to it?

Jesse Pinkman
Veterinary medical practitioner
White ulceration on fish is usually due to bacterial or fungal diseases. In this case, it must be isolated and raised separately to prevent it from infecting other healthy fish. After that, change the water for it, change it every other day, and raise the water temperature properly. If the condition is serious, it is necessary to use potassium permanganate solution to soak the treatment, usually can also use ultraviolet light and so on, so as to play a preventive effect.
How does white canker do on fish body, how to treat to it?

1. isolation and monoculture

The white ulceration on the fish body indicates that it is sick, and it is a bacterial or fungal disease. This disease is contagious. In order to prevent other fish from being infected, it is necessary to fish out the sick fish and raise them in isolation. In this way, it is also convenient to prescribe medicine for treatment, and it will not affect other fish.

2. change the water to raise the temperature

When the fish is sick, it must need to change the water regularly. There are too many germs in the water, which will lead to the deterioration of the fish's condition. By changing the water, the number of germs can be reduced. In addition to changing water, it is also necessary to raise the temperature appropriately, which can accelerate the metabolism of fish and help their recovery.

3. Medication

If the fish's condition is serious, it needs to be treated with medication. Prepare a small container, put water in it, then pour potassium permanganate, and adjust the solution to light pink. After fishing out the sick fish, soak it in the solution for about 20 minutes, once a day.

4. daily prevention

The fish body will be white ulceration, mainly because the body is injured, or stimulated, if you want to prevent, do not put sharp objects in the fish tank, while maintaining the water temperature. In addition, you can prepare an ultraviolet lamp, a few hours a day, can also play a bactericidal effect.

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Copyright © 2019-2020 All right reserved.