Is Orange Rabbit snail easy to raise? Do you need oxygen?

Saul Goodman
2020-07-15 23:34:21
Raising orange rabbit snails, as long as some environmental conditions are well regulated and adequate food is guaranteed, they will easily survive. Specifically, it should be fed with hard water, alkaline water and water with temperature between 25 and 26 degrees. At night to feed, appropriate feeding, and ensure the stability of the water tank environment. So they can survive. Feeding orange rabbit snails also requires oxygen. Because they prefer a high oxygen content environment, it is recommended to pump oxygen into the water with an oxygen pump.
Is Orange Rabbit snail easy to raise? Do you need oxygen?

1. Is orange rabbit snail good to raise?

Orange rabbit snail is good to raise. As long as some conditions are met, the orange rabbit snail can easily survive. To raise orange rabbit snail, we need to pay attention to water temperature, water quality, acidity and alkalinity, food and water tank environment.

1. Water temperature: The orange rabbit snail likes to survive in the environment of 25 ~ 26 degrees. If the temperature is too low, it will affect its survival.

2. PH: The orange rabbit snail cannot survive in an acidic environment and will be dissolved until it dies. The PH value in the tank should be maintained between 7.2 and 8.6

3. Water quality: Orange rabbit snails need to survive in clean and calcareous hard water.

4. Food: Orange rabbit snails are not picky eaters. Aquatic plants such as algae and young aquatic plants can be eaten. Fish and shrimp carcasses are also liked. Fish and shrimp food is also acceptable. Therefore, to feed it, pay attention to the evening feeding, ensure that food does not deteriorate, pay attention to the principle of appropriate amount.

5. Water tank environment: Due to the long breeding period of the orange rabbit snail, it is necessary to keep the water tank environment stable. According to its habits, some stones and fine sand can be put in the water tank.

2. feeding orange rabbit snail need oxygen?

Feeding orange rabbit snail need oxygen. Although the orange rabbit snail is highly adapted to oxygen, the algae and aquatic plants in the tank can provide the necessary oxygen for their survival. But they prefer a high oxygen content environment, and they still need to supplement oxygen.

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