How does goldfish divide male and female, can male and female raise together?

Walter White
2020-06-01 12:05:40
If goldfish are in the breeding season, then it is easier to determine the sex. Those with "star-chasing" features, which are white bumps on the gills and rays of the pectoral fins, are males; It is the female that has a soft and swollen belly. If goldfish are not in breeding season, they can be judged by their tail and color. Male goldfish have a stronger tail and a more beautiful body color than female goldfish.
How does goldfish divide male and female, can male and female raise together?

1. How do goldfish divide male and female during the breeding period

If goldfish are in the breeding period, then it is relatively easy to judge their male and female, which can be judged by observing their morphology.

During the breeding season, male goldfish will appear "star chasing" this characteristic. That is to say, on its gills and the first fin rays of its pectoral fins, there will be some white protrusions. They are epidermal cells that gradually become keratinocytes. After the breeding season, this characteristic will disappear naturally.

The female goldfish in the breeding period also has very obvious characteristics. You can judge by touching it with your hands. The belly of the female goldfish is relatively soft, and the belly is swollen, because it contains a lot of fish eggs. The more eggs the fish has, the easier it is to judge, and the abdomen of the male fish is relatively flat.

2. how to divide male and female goldfish in non-breeding period

If goldfish are not in breeding period, they can be distinguished by their tail characteristics and color characteristics.

First, their tails. For male goldfish, their tails are usually stout and flat. For female goldfish, their tails are generally smaller, sometimes the difference is more obvious, it is easy to judge.

Furthermore, it is the difference between the two colors. Judging from this aspect, it is better to choose the same kind of goldfish, otherwise it is not very accurate. Generally speaking, the male goldfish will be brighter in color and more beautiful in appearance; Relatively speaking, the color of female goldfish will be dull, not so attractive.

3. goldfish male and female can be raised together

Male goldfish and female goldfish can be raised together. They have similar environmental requirements, so there is no problem keeping them together.

Moreover, it is more convenient to feed in the same tank. In addition, if the breeding is good, the goldfish raised together may reproduce themselves and give birth to small fish. Therefore, goldfish of different sexes can be raised in the same tank.

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